We’re in an industry where all you need is an Insta/youtube ID or a 4-week course to be an expert. Everyone will sell their diet, pills & whatnot.

But this MOVEMENT is much more than that…

In a study among school kids in New Delhi, 33% were obese, and I was one of them .

I would find clothes to look leaner, would hold in my breath while getting pictures clicked, was sick of free advices & even got bullied

All I wanted was to lose weight, wear clothes I want, go to places w the girl I want & finally get rid of this … but I was confused on how to start!?

I ate less, fasted, worked out, spent money on trainers but nothing worked sustainably.

Often I ended up waiting for an ideal…

Find out how to lose weight, look good and make specific areas of your body more toned by working out.

I was overweight and I was really unhappy, specifically about my lagging chest and belly fat..

I wanted to lose my belly fat, have toned upper body to wear the clothes i want

So my gym trainer told me to do abs exercises, push ups to make my chest area more toned but I read on the internet that spot reduction isn’t possible

But after a few months of hustling & grinding not seeing anything work

I met a professional…

Find out what’s best for your body without wasting time, effort, money and trying things out. (Transform within 8 weeeks)

“ Nutrition just got personal”

It’s not the time to waste it on keto, fasting, high protein, low carbs, fat loss drinks like warm water with lemon

Instead it’s time to find out what’s best for your body to give jaw dropping results within a few weeks, cut out cravings and have peace of mind where you aren’t wasting it on deciding what to eat.

Hi I’m Raghav Founder at PeakPals, I grew up overweight but to lose weight I…

Peak performance is maximizing your everyday performance through diet, workouts, lifestyle, and routines to be successful.

Success varies for each individual, it can be

An obese guy losing 40 kilos, getting abs, or a girl treating PCOS solely through her diet & lifestyle or fixing her loose skin

It can be changing your life by acing exams, getting into the best college/university, and having your dream job.

Or changing the world by being an entrepreneur, an athlete, an artist, having an impact through social media, or serving the underprivileged

It can be A guy/girl wanting to look more attractive and…

If you drop Mukesh Ambani/Bill Gates in an English speaking country within 10 years they would still be a billionaire because it’s the kind of person they have become, And that’s what permanent results, looking good over the long term is about, becoming the “kind of person” who can stay fit.

Some people lose 12–15kg within 60 days but as soon as they lose momentum or something happens in their life they gain it all back, Or sometimes more.

The best thing you could do is create a system for you. Where you become the kind of person who can…

You can be the hardest worker but still you won’t see any results because of not having the right knowledge, self awareness of their body and a strategy or you can have the best information which is all over the internet but still can’t see results because of not having someone to hold you accountable and hand-hold your way to lose fat.

I would find clothes to look leaner, would hold in my breath while getting pictures clicked. Thought my genes are different or maybe I’m just chubby, not fat. …

Hi i’m Raghav Budhraja, founder @peakpals.in

PeakPals is 1st Fitness specialist for GenZ (16–24 Y/O).

Lose at least 12Kg in 60 days effortlessly, while improving health by 1-on-1 coaching or consider it Free!

Raghav Budhraja

Making 16-24 Y/O atleast Lose 12Kg within 60 Days and perform at their Peak level || www.peakpals.in

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