Everything’s Wrong With Fitness These Days ( Goals Are For Losers)

If you drop Mukesh Ambani/Bill Gates in an English speaking country within 10 years they would still be a billionaire because it’s the kind of person they have become, And that’s what permanent results, looking good over the long term is about, becoming the “kind of person” who can stay fit.

Some people lose 12–15kg within 60 days but as soon as they lose momentum or something happens in their life they gain it all back, Or sometimes more.

The best thing you could do is create a system for you. Where you become the kind of person who can lose fat, look better, and has control over his/her health. For instance, if you’ve lost 12,15,18 kg fat and then god forbid you to get into an accident even after that because of your right knowledge, awareness of your body, and being in charge of yourself you can make it back within a few weeks.

Or even if you’ve lost 15 kg then you can go on to the next step making abs or whatever it is. Once you can learn what’s right for you and understand the best system for you,

You’ll have no option but to lose fat and grow effortlessly, for life.

If you want to find the best systems for you for life to have peace of mind where you aren’t deciding what to eat, want to lose belly fat , look lean and be in state of peak performance.

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